About Us

2nd generation business owner Ben Neaves

SEVAEN is a family business and we are proud to say that everything we sell is made in Canada. We have always resisted the industry trend of outsourcing production. Why? Because the gear we make is just too important to our customers.                           

We keep the work here and keep our people, talent, and expertise in house. At SEVAEN we do more than just build our product, we have a full-service shop that includes every step of the product process from researching new materials and technologies to designing our newest products.  We react quickly to the ideas and feedback of our customers, incorporating their input into everything we do. For 40 years we have chosen to do all this right at home, which has not always been the easy path, it is one that we are committed to and excited about, especially now and into the future! 

We have been loving what we do and where we do it for decades.  It is our mission to continue this tradition for many years to come.